Happy July Newsletter I can't believe there are only a few weeks till Incredible Doom Vol. 2 comes out! In preparation for that, we've got even more cool stuff to announce!


1. Feelie Bundle

This may be my favorite bonus we've ever made.

Inspired by PC games of the 80s and 90s that included objects from the world of the game, often called “feelies” in their box,  if you preorder my upcoming book Incredible Doom Vol. 2 through BuyOlympia, you can get three special bonuses.

  1. A working recreation of Allisons’ personal floppy disk. It’s filled with her files, unseen emails with Samir, diary entries, ASCII art, and more.
  2. An original bookplate, designed by me and signed by Jesse and me.
  3. A torn flyer for "ZephyrTech," Allison and Samir’s internet provider. The brochure includes clues for accessing Allison’s private online storage, which contains the same files as the floppy disk.

I love this bundle so much! The secret site we built that the flyer gets you access to is SO fun. I can't believe we found a place that would manufacture floppy disks for us.

Combing through this stuff makes you feel like you're snooping around the character's hard drives, stumbling upon both actual files from 90s BBSes and ones created by the characters.

I think you're going to love them.

2. Signed Bookplates

Are you preordering Vol. 2 somewhere else?

We still want to say thanks. So if you upload your receipt here, we'll send you a free bookplate signed by myself and Jesse Holden.

First, preorder at Bookshop.org, Powells,  Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, IndieBound,  Target,  Walmart, or best of all: find your local store. Then fill out this form.

3. Evol House Print

I released a new Incredible Doom print! It's the artwork used under the dust-jacket for Incredible Doom Vol. 2, and it goes wonderfully with the print from the Vol. 1 case.

Behind the Scenes

I've been releasing a TON of fun behind-the-scenes stuff recently.

1. Video Series

I started a new video series on YouTube and Instagram about the stories behind Incredible Doom. The things that inspired it and how we went from printing mini-comics at home to a book deal with one of the biggest publishers. It's lots of fun!

2. Secrets of the cover

Like with Vol. 1, I wrote about all the easter eggs hidden in the new Incredible Doom Vol. 2 cover. I also made an in-depth video for patrons about how the publisher and I reached that design.

3. Vol. 2 Art Previews

And, as usual, I've been sharing spoiler-free previews of the art for the new book with patrons.

There's only one more newsletter till Harper Alley drops the first new Incredible Doom. I'm SO excited for you all to get to read it. Everyone on the team did such a fantastic job.

Until then, come say hi, and I'll see you around the internet!


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