Recently I've been so grateful for the ability to chat online without needing to include big tech companies or rich jerks. Big social media can be fun, but I'm so thankful to everyone who signed up for my newsletter and joined the Patreon.  We can talk free from fees, algorithms, ads, or the whims of billionaires all over good old email.

To celebrate, I thought I'd do something fun just for mailing list subscribers and Patrons. I made a new 12-page comic exclusively for you all called "It Is". I won't be posting this publicly. It's included below.  

Thank you for hanging out with me here over the last year. It means a lot.  

I've got big news right around the corner that I can't wait to tell you about, but until then, I hope you enjoy the comic. Here's "It Is."

A slightly abstract drawing of person flying down a road on bicycle, with the title "It Is" above them.
A woman sits at a bus stop waiting for a bus. Next to her is a bicycle. Something is bothering her.

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