Hey everybody! This is a quick newsletter update this month because the shipping deadline for getting any cool Incredible Doom stuff for your friends or family is just a few days away.

Along with prints and floppy disks, we've recently restocked copies of the first two Incredible Doom volumes, each signed with original sketches by yours truly.


We also have just a handful of the original mini-comic versions of volume one. This special edition has a handcrafted slipcase and unique "Feelies" - special objects from the story's world included in each issue. Jesse and I hand-assembled every part of this set, and it's one of my favorite things we've ever done. For the die-hard Incredible Doom fan, remember, once these are gone, they're gone for good.

Holiday Order Deadlines
For December 25th, 2023 Delivery
US-bound Orders:
Standard Mail: December 11th
Priority Mail: December 15th
Express Mail: December 19th

International Orders:
Untracked Mail: November 24th
Tracked Mail: December 1st

💬 New Comics

I'm having a blast with this new Incredible Doom series!

I love these new characters so much, and I hope you'll grow to love them, too. There are now 41 pages of the new series available to read for free. If you still need to check it out, you're missing out! I'm posting more scenes regularly as I work on them.

🤝 For Patrons

Patrons have had the privilege of reading 13 pages ahead of what's online for everyone. Here's a sneak peek at what they've been seeing.

The 1st "Feely bundle" just went out to patrons, but more on that in the following newsletter. I want to make sure everyone gets theirs before I spoil the surprise.

I've also launched a new creator chat on Patreon for the Incredible Doom community. Expect behind-the-scenes stuff, links, and a place to chat about the early web.

Speaking of links...

Lighting the Beacons, and Other Perfect Movie Metaphors
Get Nebula for a year, or for the rest of your life (this month only!): https://go.nebula.tv/lsooWatch this video as it was meant to be: https://nebula.tv/vi…

I've been devouring this book about the making of the LOTR trilogy, which my girlfriend brought back from a trip to New Zealand. So I was primed to love this dive into the profound themes of hope in Middle-earth. It's the kind of video that reminds one to push on, which I sometimes very much need.

“Bob and Don: A Love Story” a short documentary by Judd Apatow | The New Yorker
Opposites make for great comedy in the life-long friendship of comedy legends Bob Newhart and Don Rickles by Judd Apatow.The story behind the film: https://w…

It turns out I'm a sucker for stories of old comedians who've been friends for decades. The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, the HBO Max doc about Rob Reiner and Albert Brooks, and this video. of Bob Newhart and Don Rickles in this short documentary by Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio. It captures the joy of lifelong friendship and a profound sadness now that Rickles is gone.

Thoughts on “Now and Then” | Andrew Hickey
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I want to try to write a graphic novel about a musician who passes away and leaves their unfinished album to their friend to complete. So when the surviving Beatles did this (the third time) this year, I was intrigued. This post by music writer and podcast Andrew Hickey not only dives into the song itself, but a very personal and touching theory about, even if it's not for you, why it probably should exist.

radio free fedi - sounds from the fediverse to the universe

A streaming radio with music from Fediverse musicians. I've been listening to the "comfy" channel while drawing. It already led to a purchase: "Weather" by Single Bass

Post short thoughts or long essays, share photos, all on your own blog. Micro.blog makes it easy, and provides a friendly community where you can share and engage with others.

In the last newsletter, I mentioned the post on The Verge about a possible future of sharing things online. For those of y'all interested in an easy way to jump into publishing on the more interoperable web. I love Micro.blog- a platform that champions the indie web. It's a community where creators and thinkers can share unique web spaces and ideas.

That's it for me this month! Have a great holiday season, and I'll see you next year.