I just finished designing a site for a friend of mine that everyone and their brother needs to check out. It’s a branch off of www.couchstuff.com called “Interview Records.” My buddies Aaron Krolikowski and Cho Young have at long last compiled CDs of their collection of interviews, round table discussions, and answering machine messages to make the most bizarre and hilarious listening experiences I’ve ever heard. I recommend downloading the zip file of the complete “Greatest Answering Machine Messages of All Time” and listening to the whole batch in one sitting.

I’m BACK! I just got back from APE in San Francisco early this morning and I’ve been so inspired I don’t know what to do with myself! I met so many cartoonists that I respect so much… I’m flabbergasted with the whole experience.

I’ll be back later tonight with a comic update and within the next few days I’ll be putting up a page for people to buy copies of the paper collection that I brought to the show.

Also, everyone go out and read “Clumsy” by Jeffery Brown. It’s amazing.

I just put up “Tales of the ELBOW BOY” . This is the first page to my paper collection that I recently put together. If you’d like a copy of it drop me a line and I’ll send you one for the price of the measly postage. Such a deal! I’m quite proud of it. It’s the most well put together little book I’ve ever done. And best of all it features some work that isn’t on the site! (…yet)

There’s a complete new comic up called “Old Jokes.” It’s about the creation of the world.

The reason I’m so sporadic in updating recently is that I’ve been working on a print version of many of these comics as well as comics that will appear here eventually. If you’re at APE I’ll give one two you for free. After APE I’m going to be selling them around Portland and on this site. I just thought I’d let you know.

“…all in the past” is still going. Don’t worry. It will be back soon.

Isn’t easter great?

There’s new “…all in the past” art up today. Text is to come soon. Along with some other odd changes…\
By the way I’ll be at APE this year if anyone wants to try find out what kind of man would do this crap. I don’t have a booth but I’ll be easy to pick out. I’m the shy 20 something year old who’s trying to come out of his shell enough to give people free mini comics. See ya’ there!