Today I’m launching the first pages of my brand-new graphic novel: “Oh, It’s the End of the World.” I’ve been working on this story for about a year now, and it’s finally time to let you guys see what I’ve been up to.  This is my first long-form serialized full-color work and I couldn’t be more excited to share it. 

Stop by the site every Monday I’ll have a new page or two of the story for you, or, if you’d rather read the story in large sections, you can subscribe to my mailing list and I’ll send you a notice every time a chapter is completed.

If you like it I would appreciate if you would share it with your friends. It really helps me out. 

I’ve been flattered by people sharing their excitement with me about this new project. I’m determined to make it something special for you.

There’s a lot more to come!

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