<img src=”https://matthewbogart.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/page0006.png” alt=” “Oh, It’s the End of the World” Page 6  Howard, Neil, and Erin sit in a grocery store.   “So. If I peed on it would you eat it?”  “Ha!”    “No.”  “Kids come on. Don’t sit on the checkout counters.”  “If he pooped on it?”  “I know it’s tough to understand, but peeing and pooping on it would actually decrease my desire to eat an Oreo.”    “Weird.”  “I know.”    “Ha.”       “/>

  <a href="http://matthewbogart.net/ohits-page5" ><img src="https://matthewbogart.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2_page0007.png" alt=" "Oh, It's the End of the World" page 7 by Matthew Bogart  Neil, Howard and Erin sit on a raised sidewalk.  "Resupply?"  "You want anything? Chips?"  "I'm good."  Erin's foot touches Howard's leg. He touches her foot with his hand. They stop touching in embarrassment. "/></a>