I’ve been spending the day blasting St. Vincent’s Mix Tape Delivery Service and drawing trees.

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d share what I’m up to, and it’s that; listening to St. Vincent’s Mix Tape Delivery Service and drawing trees.

I’m drawing trees because the “short script” that I’d been writing as my next comic has ballooned into a 180 page graphic novel. Writing that monster has taken months and I was feeling guilty for not posting new comics. So I forced myself to write an honest-to-goodness short story and turned out a nine page script. I finished drawing the first page yesterday, and started on the second page today. (that’s what the panels above are from)

It takes place in a forest. So trees.

Chilly, gray, Portland arrived a week ago, which means flannel comes out and a heater and a cat show up at my feet under the drawing table.

For some reason, whenever I’m not drawing comics, I convince myself that I don’t enjoy drawing, but when I get to it, it feels good.

A couple weeks past the one year anniversary of the exercise in overwhelming myself that was my Kickstarter I’m finally back at the drawing board for a bit. Good stuff.

Stay tuned.