Well you went and did it, you crazy internet friends. You’ve pushed us past the goal, and the Patreon Chaos Book is going to happen!

We didn’t just reach the goal, we went way over and I can’t thank you enough. You guys are fantastic for supporting art you enjoy. It means the world to me and every dime of this is going back into the creation of more comics, including some tools I plan on using for the new comic I launched just this week. [1]

What’s the Patreon Chaos Book?

I’m glad you ask, because it’s not too lage to take part.

The Patreon Chaos Book is a 20 page comic that I’m going to be drawing in under 24 hours using ideas given to me by you, my Patreon backers. I won’t know the ideas you’ve submitted till the morning I start drawing the comic and I’ll be streaming the creation of the whole thing live. So you can stop in from time to time and watch me slowly melt into a puddle of comic drawing goo.

When is this happening?

The most apprproate of all days, 24 Hour Comic Day, is coming up on October 3rd, (the day after *tomrorow* as I post this) so that’s when we’ll do it. You have till the end of the day on the October 2nd (*tomorrow*) to back and submit ideas. I’ll be positng instuctions for how backers can do that shortly.

If you’re backing at $3.99 or more you can get a limited edition print copy of the comic, but pledging as little as one penny gets you the ability to submit ideas.

This is going to be nuts. Here we go!

Matthew Bogart on Patreon


The new comic I just launched is for backers only at the moment but it will be posted pubiclly soon.