While I plug away on my next “feature length” comic I’ve got an exciting idea to propose in the form of a new Patreon goal. I’m calling it the Patreon Chaos Book.

The last time I did a 24 hour comic, although it nearly killed me, it was a crazy fun event, and made a pretty decent comic that people seemed to like. I think we could have gone further however.

I’d like to try again, but this time, I want all of you to be involved.

The Idea

1. You, my awesome Patreon backers, enter suggestions into a web page I’ll create. These would be short objects, actions or concepts, such as astronaut, tractor, taxation or jungle jim. Whatever you like.

2. On an upcoming Saturday I’ll get up super early and crack open the submissions for the first time.

3. I then have 24 hours to write and draw a 20 page comic using as many of those terms as I can.

What will it be about? Relationships? Aliens? Time Travel? Who knows? Not me. I won’t untill I sit down and look over your suggestions the morning of. It’s chaos!

I’ve set the goal to be very attainable, because I think this project could be really fun and want to make sure we reach it. If we reach $55 in pledges, that’s only $15 more dollars, I’ll get everything set up.

What you get.

  • Everyone – If you’re not a Patreon backer you can still watch the creation of the comic live as I make it. I’ll publish the details about the big day well in advance so you can follow the updates.
  • All Backers – All Patreon backers, regardless of pledge level, will be able to submit suggestions and read the finished comic in the form of a downloadable ebook. They will also get their name listed on the “Thank You” page of the book.
  • $3.99 backers and above – If you back at $3.99 or more I’ll mail you an exclusive print copy of the comic that we made together, with your name listed on the thank you page. (If you live outside the US please add $5 for shipping.) I’ll only be printing as many of these as folks backing at this level when I draw the comic, so this is your only chance to get a print version.

If this is something you think would be fun to do please consider backing, or sharing a link.

  • Take part in the creation of a really strange comic.
  • Watch me make comics live.
  • See my brain melt under the pressure.
  • Will it be the best comic ever made?
  • Probably.

Come take part.