I’m super excited! My graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus is now available on the biggest and best digital comics shop on the web: ComiXology!

It looks beautiful, and they did a great job with the “Guided View” process that walks you thru the book on smaller devices. Also included in the download is a backup story called Jon that isn’t available on the web site. That’s over 90 pages of comics!

Something to keep in mind this holiday season: nothing is easier or cooler than giving awesome folks that are far away from you digital comics.

You can pick up a copy for only $2.99.

You can also get a signed copy of the physical book with a free sketch in it by stoping by my store. Orders placed by the 18th should arrive by Christmas.


Here’s the description from ComiXology

Mary and Nel were known for being close. Throughout the years the two of them zig-zagged the country as the rock duo “The Chairs” they never spent more than a day or two apart.

That is until Mary mysteriously appears in a new city having given up her music, fame, and friends. She wants nothing more than to work her lousy job and be left alone, but the two people who just showed up on her doorstep are determined to make sure won’t happen.

“Matthew Bogarts The Chairs Hiatus is uncluttered in its story, quiet in its telling, and lovely in the time it spends with you. It illustrates its human moments by enveloping us in the larger spaces we are surrounded by. I felt like I was using a telescope to read a comic taking gentle steps forward into something big and small at the same time.”

-Anis Mojgani
2-time National Poetry Slam champion and author of The Feather Room

“The Chairs Hiatus is a kind of comic I’d like to see more often – a small, human story about how people hurt each other without meaning to. Matthew Bogart’s intelligent, graceful cartooning is a pleasure to read.”

– Barry Deutsch
author of Hereville