Today, I’m excited to announce that the first couple pages of a project I’ve been working on for the last several months have gone up.

Months ago, the very kind and amazingly talented, Jesse Snavlin and  Dan Schkade contacted me about doing some work for them. They had been plugging away on an excellent series about characters they’d created named The Fowl and Madeline Cross.  They had amassed quite a body of work around them and wanted me to draw a story they were writing centered around Cross and her sisters.

It was an exciting and nerve-wracking idea! I’d never drawn a comic that I didn’t write, never done work for hire comics before, and the subject matter was so different from the kind of things I normally come up with. Although I had, and have, a lot on my plate with my next book, they were willing to give me extremely generous deadlines. (Like I said, they are so kind.) So, for the past several months I’ve been sneaking pages of this story in between the schedule I’d created for myself for “Oh, It’s the End of the World.”1

I’ve had to keep it a secret until now, which was also a learning experience for me, but the first and second pages of the story are now up! Go take a look, read the great recap of what’s been going on in the story so far, and subscribe to The Committee Building tumblr where these are being posted. Those folks are doing some beautiful work.

  1. I’m making progress on “Oh, It’s the End of the World”. The script for the last part of the book is coming along. I’m eager to get back to drawing pages, but I have to nail everything down first.