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Two days ago almost 800 copies of the hardback edition of The Chairs’ Hiatus that was funded by all of you on Kickstarter arrived at my door. It’s so nice to be able to type that!

Please excuse me. I need to tell you how great these things are.

Wonderful things about these books:

  • The production turned out great.
  • They are hardback books. Holly crap. Hardback!
  • They are much more substantial than the previous paperback versions.
  • They are in color at last.
  • They have a real honest to goodness ISBN number.
  • They smell really good.
  • There are 36 boxes of them! Holly cow!
  • They have two new endorsements on the back, one by R. Stevens and the other by Maggie Stievater.
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I’m so happy to finally be in the home stretch of this project that I’ve been working on steadily since last July.

I’m about to leave town for two weeks, but these start going out to Kickstarter backers and anyone who wants to pre-order as soon as I get back.

Thank you all for your support. You made this possible. Thank you.

I’ll have more things to share soon.