The Chairs' Hiatus - Being given away to a lucky person like you!

To celebrate the release of my graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus on ComiXology I’ve decided to do my first ever contest!

On December 19th I’m going to randomly pick 5 people out of everyone who is signed up for my mailing list. Two of them are going to get a free copy of the ComiXology version of the book and three of them will get the print version mailed to their house for free. The print versions will be signed with a sketch inside.

If you win I can sign it to  anyone else you like if you want to give it away as a Christmas present. I’d be flattered!

To be honest, the number of folks on my mailing list is pretty slim so your chances are pretty good!

Sign up here.

I swear, the support you guys have shown me has been amazing. I hope to do stuff like this more often to say thanks. You guys are the best!