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I put this on my blog a second ago and I thought I’d share it here too.

Hey everybody!
I did the artwork for an episode of a great podcast you all should listen to. It’s called Gosh Darn Fiasco podcast. It’s put together by Angela M. Webber of the band The Doubleclicks and her friends.
(Do you know The Doubleclicks? They are awesome.)

Anyway, on the podcast Amanda and friends from the world of comedy and gaming play the game Fiasco and improvise a new story every episode. This eppisode is about witches, cats, Salem, and death. IT’S FUNNY!

When I listened to this episode a few weeks ago in order to draw the cover I made a note every time I laughed out loud. I HAD 36 NOTES BY THE END!

You should listen, and subscribe.

I’m always surprised how much fun I have doing one off illustrations. This one was a blast and I hope to do more!

I’ll have more to share soon. Perhaps even later today!