Exciting news! I’ve started a new comic series called Scissors, OH.  I’m doing it in collaboration with one of my favorite cartoonists, the author of the fantastic Hereville series of books, Barry Deutsch.

The plan is for Barry and I to each draw our own  stand alone stories that interconnect in interesting ways, both of which take place in our fictional town of Scissors, OH. (That title makes me laugh.)

My half is about two sisters named Erin and Megan who are adjusting to collage life together after being separated for a couple years. It’s a slice of life that’s funny in parts and sad in others and I can’t wait for you to read it.

We’re going to start posting weekly pages in  a month or two, but I’ve got a head start and I’m excited to share. SO, to thank my patrons for funding this project I’ve started sharing scenes on Patreon as I finish them. The first scene went up yesterday and I’m hard at work on drawing the next diving into the next right after I post this, so if you want to read it early, or you want to support me in making these things, join the gang on Patreon. We’d love to have you!

No shame if you’re not interested in pitching in however. The comic will be free to everyone once we’ve built up a back log of pages.

Thanks you guys!