As I’ve been driving around in recent days, I’ve been getting so excited about various different things (the sun shining, my friends coming to town, my comics, my music) that I start shouting for joy! This is a new development in my life. But to be honest, I guess it’s not all THAT new. I remember being overcome with excitement about life when I was bicycling around Savannah six months ago. And I realized that I might be right in the middle of a new era of good old days.. (You know, when your down and you look back and say, “Ah, those were the good old days.” I think that might be right now!) I get depressed occasionally, I often wish I had a girlfriend, or that I wasn’t so broke, I don’t like my job, and I miss my parents, but all in all lets hear it for springtime! So, there’s a new installment of “Satellite Beach” today you should check it out. As well as my cool new ONLINE STORE