Live Incredible Doom Q&A w/ Anis Mojgani at University Bookstore, Tues. July 20th

The cover of the book "Incredible Doom." A photo of Matthew Bogart and another of Jesse Holden. With the text "Matthew Bogart & Jesse Jesse Holden, Tuesday, July 20 2pm PT. RSVP FOR THIS FREE EVENT!

Hey! My collaborator Jesse Holden and I are going to be doing a live conversation with Anis Mojgani and Q&A, the current poet poet laureate of Oregon In conjunction with with University Bookstore on Jul 20, 2021 02:00 PM Pacific.

We’ll be talking about making comics, the early internet, and answering viewer questions. I’m really looking forward to it. It should be a lot of fun! You can register for this free event here.

Panels from Incredible Doom: Eternal September

Allison and Samir from the comic "Incredible Doom" sit on a sofa in a dark room. Samir says "Yeah."

We drew a whole issue of Incredible Doom that takes place after Vol. 1 titled Incredible Doom: Eternal September #1 that we ended up throwing out. We went different direction with the story when a publisher picked it up, but you can read the start of this alternate timeline by becoming a Patron.

Tina, from the comic "Incredible Doom", but with shorter hair than ewe's seen her previously, slowly walks down a hallway lined want rock show posters.

Years ago I sat down and tried to picture what my ideal life would look like. What would I be doing? Where would I be doing it? I pictured a big long table in front of bright windows where I would be drawing comics for a living.

I took this picture the other week.