Psst! Guess what? I've been working on a project, a big new comic project that is going to be so darn good. For weeks now, I've been teasing my Mastodon followers with hints about it, but I've been keeping the details under lock and key.

The only lucky devils who know what's up are the select few on my Patreon. They've been in on it for a couple of months now, and they've read new pages as I draw them. (35 pages so far!)

I have to tell you I am incredibly excited. Sometimes out of my skin, can't-sit-still excited. And in just a couple of months, I'm going to unleash this darn thing.

But here's the thing: if you, like me, are excited to see this new project take shape, you don't have to wait till then. You can join the cool kids on my Patreon and get in on the ground floor of this journey. We're having a blast, and we're creating something truly special.

So if you've been itching to support some independent comics and get some behind-the-scenes insight into how they're made, come join us!

(And come hang out on Mastodon I love it over there.)