Jesse and I were on a book tour for almost half of September. An honest to god, we make books, and bookstores will have us as guests book tour.

It was driving down the Oregon and California coasts in an electric car, weaving in and out of hills and little towns. It was beautiful.

I wanted to move to every town we stopped in. We always seemed to arrive on a perfect day, being told by everyone it had been way too hot just the day before and would be rainy tomorrow.

Staying in little AirB&Bs, friends' houses, and a historic landmark of a hotel. Spending the days either driving or tweaking and rehearsing our presentation.


Some events were packed, and some were empty. People seemed to love the books and our presentation. They came with great questions and beautiful stories. The bookstores sold more than a few books. I did lots of drawings on title pages. Even if we'd gotten that money, we would have lost our shirt, but we knew that going in.

We just drove and listened to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. We told stories to each other—dumb jokes. Jesse showed me his mom's bookstore, the places he grew up, and where all the stories he said to me while writing the books took place.

It turns out the best Dennys to get chicken strips, and fries at is the one where your friend used to go at 2 AM in high school.

We talked about how lucky we were that we got to do this.

After a week and a half of driving, I was ready to go out again when I got home.

I wish we could have driven everywhere.

Thank you to everyone.