If you were logging into BBSes in the early days of connected computers, like the characters in Incredible Doom, you probably knew about ANSI art.

Internet speeds at the time were usually too slow to download even a tiny image file quickly. So artists would create different shapes using text characters like the ones below.

Sort of like ASCII art, but constructed from a larger set of 256 letters, numbers, and symbols, "ANSI art" became huge in the early days of the net, with different crews of artists even battling each other for bragging rights.

Amazingly, it's still a vibrant scene today, practiced by some fantastic artists like Mattmatthew, who did this gorgeous Incredible Doom print releasing today.

I can't believe how stunning it is.

Printed by the fantastic BuyOlympia here in Portland, Oregon, the print uses an 11-color high-definition ink process on an enhanced matte paper. It's full bleed, with no border, and looks stunning

I know I'll be getting several.