In a turn of event's that's still tough for me to believe, my publisher arranged with Powell's Books, the famed Portland institution of a bookstore, to do a special signed edition of my upcoming book Incredible Doom Vol. 2.

If you order the book through Powell's they'll send you a version signed by myself and my collaborator Jesse Holden. I can't believe this is a real thing.

When I first moved to Portland in 2001, I was amazed that I got to live in the same city as such a huge book store. Now the publisher of our book is working with them to offer a cool signed edition of something we made. Wild.

So there are now three ways to get fancy versions of Vol. 2

  1. Preorder the "Feelie Bundle", with a floppy disk, signed bookplate, and flyer with clues to a secret webpage from
  2. Preorder anywhere and upload your receipt to get a free signed bookplate.
  3. Preorder through Powell's to get a signed book.

I'm told that my publisher plans to send Powell's copies of the book in advance so there should hopefully be enough time for Jesse and me to sign them and you still get them on launch day.