Happy June! This infrequent newsletter is back with lots of great Incredible Doom news!

Incredible Doom Mini Comic Sets

They're back!

The last remaining Incredible Doom Mini Comic sets are back for sale for the final time.

I love carefully handcrafted mini-comics. They may be my favorite thing. I've held on to some for decades because they're just so damn cool. Usually put together by the artist, they feel like buying a piece of original art. Because that's kind of what it is.

This is why, from the very start, when conceiving Incredible Doom, I planned it as a series of the coolest mini-comics I could muster. A meticulously produced set, all intended to fit a fantastic little slipcase. Handmade objects that folks would want to hold on to for years.

In 2019, after years of work, we'd done it.  

We'd finished six issues, each handmade by myself and Jesse Holden. Each included a corresponding "Feelie" (which is what we called a paper recreation of an item from the story's world) on the inside back cover.

And we designed and produced a special slipcase to put them all in. 

After years of work, we'd shipped the first batch of them off to patrons and got another batch ready...then a pandemic hit, we got a book deal, and these sets went in the closet for a while.

Until now.

They're finally back up for sale, and once they're gone, they're gone forever.  We're not allowed to print more. So if you'd like a set of your own, now's your last chance.

Thank you to everyone who made this set possible. Making something like this was a lifelong dream. I'm so excited to get these last sets to good homes.


Speaking of Incredible Doom, I just released five new Incredible Doom prints! They're beautiful  13" x 19" archival prints using an 11-color high-definition ink process on an enhanced matte paper, printed in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. So now you can hang Incredible Dooms young love, angst, and retro-computer goodness on your wall.

Signed Books

I've been traveling to meet folks recently. I've been to VanCAF in Vancouver, BC, FCBD Mini-Con in Beaverton, OR, and TCAF in Toronto, ONT. It's been unbelievable to meet everyone. I've made incredible new friends and met folks I'd only known online.  Thank you to everyone who's come out. I'll be traveling more soon; stay subscribed!

As I travel, I've been signing copies of Vol. 1 and leaving them in bookstores, including in Vancouver, BC, Olympia, WA, Toronto, ONT and Portland, OR. But you don't have to miss out if you're not near those towns. I signed and sketched every copy of Incredible Doom and my previous book, The Chairs' Hiatus, at  BuyOlympa. So head over there if you'd like one shipped to you.

Podcast Interview

Jesse and I had fun on the Uncanny Creatives Podcast. We talked about quitting my retail job and going from mini-comic makers to having a book deal with Harper Collins. Want to have us on your podcast? Reply to this email to get in touch!

Patreon Updates

Finally, if you can't wait till September for the release of Incredible Doom  Vol. 2, you can join us on Patreon. I've done over a dozen posts full of spoiler-free artwork, videos about the upcoming book, and sneak peeks of some upcoming projects. So sign up to get a sneak peek.  

Thanks so much for being here! I'll be back in a few weeks with some exciting information about Incredible Doom Vol. 2!



Other exciting stuff around the web.

  • Are you interested in the past & present of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) like those in Incredible Doom? Then, check out Back to the BBS, a YouTube series by Al's Geek Lab. It goes in-depth, including ways people are starting BBSes today.
  • Are you an aspiring cartoonist in Portland? Excellent comics pro Steve Lieber hosts free office hours to help you improve your craft.
  • Did you know that A24 makes zines? Everyone should. They look amazing.
  • Tony Cliff is doing fantastic work on the next book in his Delilah Dirk series, which he describes this way:

"Follow the adventures of 19th-century Europe's premier brash lady adventurer from Istanbul to Ibiza, from the miserable grey skies of England to the searing Sahara desert, from the misery of deception to the elation of discovery, ever-accompanied by her Turkish traveling companion, Erdemoglu Selim. These books are perfect for the Boat Dad in your life or any children of Boat Dads you might know."

Start reading the book right now, either on DelilahDirk.com, on Webtoon, Tapas, or Tumblr. His Patreon is also great.