I was killing time at the Bridgeport Village Barnes and Noble in Tigard and thought I’d go looking for my book. This has become an unexpected tradition whenever I go into a bookstore.

I found three copies on the shelf and then did something I’ve never done. I gathered my courage, and told an employee that I’d drawn this book and asked if it would be helpful for me to sign them.

They said they’d love that. I signed them, they put a sticker on them saying they’d been autographed, and then I ran away.

It wasn’t till I got to the escalator to leave that I remembered I’d told my girlfriend that I’d be meeting her there, and couldn’t leave.

I went and grabbed one of the signed copies off the shelf and spent a few minutes drawing in it.

This was so much fun that I may never finish Vol. 2. I’ll be spending all my time snatching copies of Vol. 1 off store shelves to doodle in.