John Gruber of Daring Fireball, regarding Facebook complaining about the new privacy features Apple has built into iOS:

Just because there is now a multi-billion-dollar industry based on the abject betrayal of our privacy doesn’t mean the sociopaths who built it have any right whatsoever to continue getting away with it. They talk in circles but their argument boils down to entitlement: they think our privacy is theirs for the taking because they’ve been getting away with taking it without our knowledge, and it is valuable. No action Apple can take against the tracking industry is too strong.

I’ve tried to be mindful of my privacy choices, but one of the things on my to do list for this fall is to revisit this topic and make even more conscious decisions about what I allow these companies to know about me.

I’m not sure about the choice of the word “sociopaths”, I’m sure there are good people that work at Facebook, and in advertising. And, in general, I’m pretty open online. But, I’d like a say in what strangers do and don’t know about me, and I get the sense the strangers at Facebook would rather not respect my wishes about that.