I just received these Incredible Doom postcards I’d had printed to thank my wonderful patrons for their support. Thing is, I’ve got about 100 extra, so I thought we could try something fun.

Starting today, the first 100 people who send me their address, and a proof of purchase from a local comic shop, will get one of these postcards in their mailbox, along with a note from me.

There are few things more magical than local comic shops and the post office, and both are having a hard time right now. Which makes today a great time to go order yourself or your friends some comics, let me know about it, and get fun things in your mailbox.

  1. EMAIL: matthewbogartcomics@gmail.com
  2. With your mailing address.
  3. And a proof of purchase from your local comic shop, preferably dated after Monday, April 13, 2020
  4. and the subject line: POST CARD