It would be easy to just make this blog about [Trumps reaction to Covid-19] but this feels to me like a good time to be an alternative. If you want what’s on the news channels, it’s there on the news channels. Here, I’m more inclined to write about cats in my yard, comic book history and, of course, the unique experience we’re all having.Mark Evanier

I sure am always glad when I dip into “News From ME, Mark Evanier’s Blog About TV, Movies, Theater, Comics, News Politics and Other Forms of Fantasy.”

I first learned about Mark from his work on the long running comic “Groo: the Wanderer” as a kid, but I think I like his blog even better.

It’s my favorite kind of site, one that makes things I normally would have little interest in, like the late night show landscape or little known 60s era television performers, fascinating.