I posted this to the patreon a bit ago, but today I finally get to tell you three big bits of news Jesse and I have been working on for years. We didn’t want to talk about them till they were close to happening, but it’s finally time to show our hand.

Season 1 Finale

I’m thrilled to announce that season 1 of Incredible Doom is going to reach its climax and conclusion with Issue 6, the issue currently in production! We’re building to a moment we’ve been wanting to draw since 2017! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.

To fit it all in, Issue 6 is going to be more than double the size of some previous issues. So it has taken a bit more time to complete, but I’m going to start posting new pages again next week, and I think it will have been worth the wait.

There’s several reasons we want to release the stories in season format. Many are creative, such as the opportunity to change narrative devices. Similarly to how we can change the point of view character between issues, multiple seasons open up new creative options. The switch also lets us make some logistical changes, like printing techniques, release schedule, and such.

Finally, the switch also lets us do two huge things I’ve dreamt of doing from the start:


When planing Incredible Doom I listed everything I’d ever wanted to do in comics that I hadn’t done. “Make a prestige mini comic series that fits into a slipcase” was at the top of that list. So after Issue 6 is in the mail, we plan to ship backers a custom slipcase you can slide all of season 1 into.

This was so much a part of the original plan for the series that, even before the project launched, we investigated how we could manufacture these boxes at home. We used the same machine that created the miniature dot matrix printer sheets for issue one to design and cut this proof of concept:

The finished design will be much better — but it will, just like the issues themselves, be meticulously handcrafted to be something you’d want to put on your shelf.

Issue #0

After the slipcase goes out, we’ll collect all the short Patreon bonus stories into their own, member exclusive, Issue #0. In the spirit of B-side collections, or ’90s era issue #0s, it will include ALL the backup stories created for the season—like  Allison and Sam Meet, My Two Dads, Tina,  and the various Evol House Activity Pages, as well as some completed pages that never made it into the finished issues. It’s a cool behind-the-scenes collection that will fit into the same slipcase as the rest of the issues.

Thank you

I want to acknowledge how your support has made all this possible. I recently cut our printer a check for $250 for reprinting Issue #2 covers. Another $200 bought the project access to a risograph machine, which should enable all kinds of  cool new print material. I just bought $100 worth of cover stock and will be spending another couple hundred at the IPRC today. Not to mention that you literally bought the Subway sandwich I just ate while I was working on this blog post.

Thank you all so much. You are amazing. I think we’re doing something really special here and I’m honored to be a part of it with you as we wrap up the first big story line.