Hey everybody,

I haven’t talked about Patreon Milestone Goals in a while. When we reached the last one I celebrated by posting a PDF of the first comic I ever published as a teenager back in the 90s. I’ve got a new one which, I hope, is even more exciting.

If we reach $100 per paid post, every patron backing over $1 gets an original sketch.

Regardless if you’re backing at a $1 or $100, if you’re over a dollar, you get a post card with an original drawing by me on it. It might be Mary or Nel from The Chairs’ Hiatus, or a dog I see in a coffee shop, someone riding the bus with me, or Fugitoid. Everybody backing at the end of the month in which this goal is reached gets one in the mail, just to say thank you, so much, for helping me stay afloat while I make these comics.

We’re only $13 dollars away.

If you’d like one and decide to help support me you’ll also get to read the all the pages of my next comic Scissors, OH that I’ve been posting over the last few months. It’s the only place those pages exist right now.

Thanks for being here everybody.

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