Well, you’ve gone and done it now.

With your help we reached our latest milestone goal so I’ve attached a PDF and a CBZ version of the first comic I ever published to this post. I also made a short video for the occasion.

This is really embarrassing, but also nostalgic and fun.

In the description of the goal I called the comic:

“An embarrassing rip off of old Image Comics like WildC.A.T.s or Youngblood. It includes such well developed characters as Razar, the moody team leader whose was a misspelling of “razor”, Glassious whose hands were made of … glass, I guess, some kind of glass that could … change shape?”

Along with comic publishing, I tried to make  shot for shot recreation of Star Wars, was half  of a 12 year old stage magic duo, and tried to orchestrate the most epic squirt gun fight, which got so out of hand I was sent to the principals office.

What childhood projects did you all get into?

Also, what milestone goal should we do next? Any ideas?