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I’m not quite thru my first episode of The Secret History Of Hollywood – A Modern Guide To The Golden Age Of Cinema podcast but I can recommend it whole heartedly. How can I say that when I’m not even one whole episode in? Because the first episode I’m listening to, titled “The Final Adventures of Alfred Hitchcock” is over nine hours long! The first 8 hours have been gorgeously produced, meticulously researched, and magical. I’m amazed it’s free and there are several more episodes like this.

Producer Brian Grazer sits down and talks with someone he’s fascinated by every two weeks, he explains why on this episode of  WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: 663 – Brian Grazer

25 Games of Christmas – 13 – Race the Sun Weird and wonderful narration over video game screen recordings.

Disney’s crazy ‘FaceDirector’ software can change actors’ emotions in a scene

BLDGBLOG: Ghost Streets of Los Angeles This fits in perfectly with the theme of my new comic. It’s like scars on a city that haven’t healed properly.

Who doesn’t want an Oscar Peterson Piano Lesson?

Writer Kieron Gillen answers the question how do you go from story idea to finished script?

It only took one article for me to become a fan of Nadin Hadi and her site nadinhadi.co.uk, here’s the one: Diversity in Film Distribution – Breaking Down The Box Office

David Bowie’s last album was a ‘parting gift’ to his fans, says producer. Mitch Benn (@MitchBenn) said it best “If you’re surprised that David Bowie found a way to turn his impending death into art, you haven’t been paying attention the last 47 years.”