Now that I’m in the final phase of my Kickstarter it’s time to start focusing on making new things for this site, as well as sprucing up my Patreon.

The first thing I’ve done is make it easier for new backers to get more value out of pitching in a buck or so to Patreon. I put together this list of some of the best stuff that’s been shared so far, so if you’re a backer it’s all easily explorable.

Just to be clear, I want the vast majority of everything I do to be available free of charge, for everyone, forever. But I’ve been squirreling away interesting things here and there for the folks that have been helping me keep a roof over my head and they’ve begun to accumulate. I don’t want them to be a secret, so I’m sharing some here.

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Rare Comics

The two largest chunks of material that have been reserved for supporters are two new comics about Mary and Nel from The Chairs’ Hiatus.

  • How We Met – a four page comic about how Mary and Nel from The Chairs’ Hiatus met.
  • Nel Calhoon – a short comic about the time Nel was in the tour van and some shit went down.
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If you’re backing at $2 or above you can download any of my ebooks free of charge. This post explains how.

Tips and tricks

Process posts

I love seeing work in progress versions of pages. I’ve posted tons of them here, many with explanations as to my thinking behind the choices made in them. These are a few of my favorites.

Other interesting posts.