Aimee McFarlane ( was my first friend in the online comics community. I was a big fan of her diary comic “Love, Life and Earthquakes” ( and we started tweeting back and fourth while I was drawing “The Chairs’ Hiatus”. She was one of the few people I showed the final section of the story too before releasing it. The story all leads up to the last scene in the record shop and I was terrified that it was all about to fall apart. Whenever I read the ending of “The Chairs’ Hiatus” I always think about her.

It didn’t seem right to have a big party  that centered around “The Chairs’ Hiatus” without her being involved in some way. She’s hasn’t been publishing comics for a while, but I had to ask her if she would be interested in doing a guest post.

I’m thrilled that she said yes and I “love” what she came up with. It’s so simple yet captures the feeling of the book so well.

Thanks Aimee. It’s totally fitting that the last post before the Kickstarter is over is by you.