Chris A’lurede, one of my oldest and closest friends, did this beautiful drawing of Mary and Nel to help support the Kickstarter to turn the story into a hardback 2 color book. It’s one of several awesome illustrations and new comics that’s going to be included in  The Chairs’ Hiatus companion book, providing we reach our last stretch goal.

This illustration is also going to be in the liner notes to The Chairs first album reward, which you get if you back at the $40 level. It’s like the band photo!

I’m absolutely amazed and humbled by this drawing can’t thank Chris enough for it.

There are only 4 days till the end of the Kickstarter and your last chance to get  rewards like posters, fake albums, tickets to fictional Chairs concerts, t-shirts, original art, and, if we reach $6,600 an exclusive companion book.

Thank you to everyone who’s backed and shared links so far. You are amazing, and I’ve already started digging into this new challenge of making and shipping all this cool stuff to you!