Rick Marks - The Chairs' Hiatus - Kickstarter - Guest Post - page 1

My thanks to friend Rick Marcks of Floating Dock Comics who made this guest about our pals Mary and Nel to support The Chairs’ Hiatus Kickstarter.

I’m excited to say we’re almost to our next strech goal of getting five more pages of comcis, this time about how Mary and Nel met.

Also, if you’d like to hear me talk about the Kickstarter, being an indipendent cartoonist, and my attitude to Kickstarter streach goals, I had a great time on the “We Talk Comics” poscast doing just that.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s still spreading the word about the Kickstarter. We’ve got 15 more days to go before we’re out of time to make the book better. I’m eager to see how well we can do!