This guest post to help support The Chairs’ Hiatus Kickstarter was done by the amazing Adrian Wallace of Jumbo Deluxe. I love his work. His beautiful color work is the reason I decided to do Oh, It’s the End of the World in color. Honestly you shold check them out.

When I budgeted the Kickstarter I made sure we were raising enough to make a book that we wouldn’t be ashamed of, but we blew past that goal in just over a week, so where do we go from here?

Let’s see how nice of a book we can make!

There are all kinds of things we could do to make it really cool! From nice thick paper, or printed endpapers, to a fancy spot UV cover. The ways we could improve the book are virtually endless!

If you can help make that happen I’ve got a way to say thank you. If we reach $5,200, (just 11 more backers), everyone who pledged above the $5 level will get a PDF of a brand new comic! This one will be about everyone’s favorite missing friend, Nel. We spend so much of the main book following Mary around that we never get the chance to get to know Nel.

If that’s something you think you’d like to read, and you’d like to help make even more beautiful books you can back the project here, you can increase your pledge, or you can post about the new goal on a social network. All three help out so much!

Thank you to everyone for spreading the word so far.

Let’s see how gorgeous we can make this thing!

UPDATE: Well, that was fast!

Just a few hours after posting this we reached our first stretch goal! Way to go everybody, I get to make a new comic about Nel!

We can’t let it stop there however, so stay tuned. I’ll have a new goal shortly! (I’m pretty excited about this one.)