I just posted this update to my Kickstarter page, but I thought I’d share it with all of you as well!

39 Backers, $1086 raised! That’s 24% of the goal! I’m incredibly flattered by all the support everyone has given, both by backing the project in and by helping spread the word. Seriously, I told my boss at work he had to start being cruel to me to balance out everyone online was being so kind. You are all the best and I can’t thank you enough!

Here are some of the incredibly kind things you all shared yesterday:

I’ve never been so honored. Thank you! Thank you!

So, I thought I’d let you all know the plan over the next month to make these books a reality.

Periodically I’m going to post new comics and sketches by guest artists, interesting info about the creation of “The Chairs’ Hiatus”, new drawings by me, all kinds of stuff. You’ll be able to find links to them here, in these Kickstarter updates as well as on my site. It’s all cool stuff that you won’t want to miss! Please check them out and if any of it strikes your fancy or seems like something your friends might like, please pass it along.

That’s it. That’s the plan. It’s open to input. Any questions you want answered? Any rewards you want added?

A couple of awesome folks left comments about some new ideas for rewards, the logistics of which I’m going to be looking into. If you’ve got ideas or feedback I want to hear them!

By the way, one way to share the Kickstarter is to send a link to the comic itself to someone who hasn’t read it. Even if they don’t feel like kicking in, people getting something out of the comic is the ultimate goal.

Thanks everyone! More to come!