I am so excited to announce my first ever Kickstarter! I’m trying to publish a beautiful, two color, hardback version of my graphic novel, The Chairs’ Hiatus and I can’t do it without help. I’ve always dreamed of printing a version like this, something attractive enough to earn a place on your book shelf for a long time, and now, together, we get to make it happen.

With the help of many of my friends, we’ve put together a pretty impressive package of rewards and incentives to sweeten the deal. There are new comics about Mary and Nel, prints, t-shirts, even a copy of The Chairs first album! Take a look, there is some great stuff!

If you haven’t read The Chairs’ Hiatus here’s the synopsis from the Kickstarter page:

Mary and Nel were known for being close. Throughout the years the two of them zig-zagged the country as the rock duo “The Chairs” and they never spent more than a day or two apart.

That is, until Mary mysteriously appears in a new city having given up her music, fame, and friends. She wants nothing more than to work her lousy job and be left alone, but the two people who just showed up on her doorstep are determined to make sure won’t happen.

You can read the whole story for free on my site.