So that’s the last page of Part 5 of Oh, It’s the End of the World and the last page of this flashback! Wow it feels good to be done with that. I don’t get much time to enjoy the milestone because I’m jumping right into my first ever Kickstarter! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I’ve been working like crazy on it for several months and it’s just about ready. I think you are really going to like it, so stay tuned!

Because of the scramble to get everything in line for the Kickstarter I’m going to be taking a break from posting pages for a couple weeks, but I’ll have plenty of other cool stuff to share! I’ll have guest posts, I’ve got lots of behind the scenes work to share with the folks who are backing at $3 and above, I’ve even got an audio interview / discussion about Patreon itself that I’m doing the finishing edits on.

On top of all that I’m going to be putting together the ebook version of Oh, It’s the End of the World Part 5 in the next few weeks. Everyone backing at the $5 level and above gets a copy of all of my ebooks, so if yore backing at that level you’ll get a copy of that, or you can get a copy of it in my store once it’s ready.

Thanks for reading along with this chapter, and special thanks to the folks backing me on Patreon. More is on the way!

(Thanks to Barry and Adrian for their advice on this page.)

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