I’m proud to say that, after being unavailable on the platform for a long while, The Chairs’ Hiatus is back on Amazon for the Kindle. 

This new version is considerably better than the old version. Back when the first version was posted, making sure a comic was readable on the dozens of different platforms that Kindle supported was a crazy task that required an enormous amount of spit and duck tape. Even after using every trick in the book and doing a great deal of hand coding the results were less than great. This new version looks good on every device I’ve tested it on and does not require any of those hacks.

 On top of that I was able to pile on some features that weren’t possible before. For instance, if you double tap on any of the panels (on supported devices) the panel enlarges into what Amazon calls “Panel View”. Also, if you bought a printed copy of The Chairs’ Hiatus off of Amazon at any time you are now entitled to the Kindle version for free.*


* This feature goes live in October. If you’ve bought a printed version of the book from me directly you’re more than welcome to download digital version for free as well from my downloads page. 

By Matthew Bogart