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The Encyclopedia Show – The Origin of Life

About a week ago my friend Rob wrote me to ask if I would be willing to do an illustration for the cover of this weeks “The Encyclopedia Show” program. I’d done the program once before and loved the experience so I jumped at the chance.

If you haven’t heard of The Encyclopedia Show before it’s pretty awesome. It’s a live theater show where they choose a theme and have performers and artists of all kinds create work on a subtopic of that theme. Each creator gets about a week or so to come up with something. For instance, this time the theme was “the origin of life” and my topic within that was “The Lost City.”

If it sounds interesting to you and you live in Chicago you should check it out TONIGHT!

Thank you so much to everyone who suggested characters for this illustration. I put out a call on twitter, tumblr, and app.net and everyone had such awesome suggestions. I ran out of time to draw all of the ones I wanted to include so if you don’t see your suggestion it’s not because it wasn’t awesome, it’s because I’m slow. Perhaps some day I’ll revisit this, add some more characters, and make a poster of it. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in having. 

You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for your help. We should do projects like this  again soon!


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