I wrote and drew this comic in a marathon 18 hour day on Oct 3rd, 2015. It was created using 27 different prompts submitted by my Patreon backers. My job was to try and turn as many of them as possible into a 20-page comic in under a day. It’s a crazy project. That’s why we called it a Chaos Book.

Thank you to these backers who submitted ideas:

  • Erik Missio
  • Darren Reynolds
  • Jamie Yakeleya
  • Bryan
  • Jesse Holden
  • Dave Jordan

Thank you to all my backers. Even if you didn’t submit an idea this couldn’t have been made without you!

Drawing a 20-page comic in 17 hours using topics from my supporters. 

Watch a time-lapse of the drawing of the comic here.

Here’s what the backers submitted.

The ones in bold are the ones I tried to work in.

  1. Bored office working Mummy
  2. Talking about spaceships
  3. A.I blind dateIn retrospect, I think this was meant to be going on a date with artificial intelligence, but I took it to be going on a date arranged by AI, or online dating.
  4. The beast is looseMentioned at the end when the lobster is set free. Also, I changed the phrasing a little bit so it could double as a Star Wars reference.
  5. coffee with honey instead of sugar – this is why the beginning of the story is set in a coffee shop, and why Stacy has a honey bear on her table.
  6. rain – Easy. It rained.
  7. anxiety – I tried to think of what would make a blind date even more anxious. I thought your date showing up with his friends would work.
  8. tapir
  9. A lobster with a monocle
  10. cats made out of legoswell, not made out of exactly, but named Lego.
  11. a very sad pancake – *It’s not a pancake, it’s a waffle.”
  12. the California raisins
  13. A super-advanced tech gadgetno joke, at 2AM I thought “Oh, an iPhone works for this!”
  14. Riding an unusual animal with a saddle – Lobster has a saddle on after night fall in the Waffle House, implying that they had tried to ride him.
  15. An earlier scene retold from another character’s perspective
  16. A song that has a peculiar effect on listeners
  17. College Roommates
  18. The Waffle House
  19. Ben Folds Five is a FUCKING ASSHOLE
  20. Deflated balloon
  21. animal sidekick– This is why she has a kitten!
  22. Dustin Checks In (1996′ on laserdisc)
  23. John Siracusa’s storage locker of once-used toaster ovens
This is totally a cheat, but there’s a closet in the Waffle House labeled “Toaster Closet”

Darn it. I covered up that sign with the word balloon!

  1. Carnival CityWhere lobsters are captured. I wish I could have figured out a way to show this place. I just ran out of time. Carnival City is an awesome name for a city.
  2. Elevation
  3. Tiny sculptures
  4. Torn photograph

I wish I could have gotten them all in. I love every one of these ideas! Thanks for making a crazy comic with me everyone!