This comic was written drawn in 21 hours. 18 hours on October 1st and 3 hours on October 2nd 2016.

It was drawn using prompts from my Patreon backers. I’ve done this with backers once before.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for helping make this bizarre comic. These are the backers that submitted suggestions. Their suggestions are listed below the comic.

  • Chris Higgins
  • Jamie Yakeleya
  • Dave Jordan
  • Erik Missio
  • Neil
  • Bryan

Thank you also to:

  • smattathias
  • Jesse

Here are the suggestions they sent and the ones I tried to use.

  • invisible phone that won’t stop ringing
  • faxes from grandma
  • the sun stopped sunning
  • suntan potion

  • Bag of nickles and grapes (seen in the first panel)
  • False teeth
  • only left sock(s)
  • Goat picture

  • A Gentleman Ghost
  • math (there is a math book on the table in the first panel)
  • exploding soda

  • elderly rhino
  • Mexican wrestling
  • a cactus that only blooms one day a year
  • the sitcom, The Golden Girls

  • Paul the Platypus
  • A gargoyle named Luther

  • Emu WInehouse, a flightless bird with a crush on Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty).
  • Check your wallet, nothing but horse money.
  • Doppelganger who works at a Blimpie in St. Louis.
  • Butter on a Pop-Tart.