Welcome to a new age…the age of the internet.

Allison is drowning under the weight of her manipulative stage magician father. When he brings home the family’s first computer, she escapes into a thrilling new world where she meetings Samir, a like-minded new online friend who has just agreed to run away from home with her.

After moving to a new town and leaving all his friends behind, Richard receives a mysterious note in his locker with instructions on connecting to “Evol BBS,” a dial-in bulletin board system. He meets a fierce punk named Tina, who comes into his life and shakes his entire worldview loose.

Unlikely alliances, first love, and minor crime sprees abound in this graphic novel series about making connections while your world falls apart.

“Incredibly strong and not a little disturbing.”
Cory Doctorow,
author of In Real Life
"Perfectly captures the mystery and wonder of the early days of the Internet."
- ANDY BAIO, author of Waxy.org and co-founder of XOXO
"One of the finest ongoing comics series from anyone anywhere."
- WILL NEVIN - The Oregonian
"A Rush of love for the brave beginnings of both the early internet and the teens who used it to find themselves and each other."
- ELENOR DAVIS, author of The Hard Tomorrow and How to Be Happy
Photo of Incredible Doom Vol. 1
Photo of Incredible Doom Vol. 1

Special Edition "Feelie"

Inspired by PC games of the 80s and 90s that included objects from the world of the game, often called “feelies” in the software box, we made a special bonus for hardcore fans. For $7 you get:

  1. A working recreation of Allison’s personal floppy disk. It’s filled with personal files, unseen emails between her and Samir, diary entries, ASCII art, and more.
  2. A torn flyer for ”ZephyrTech, “ Allison and Samir’s internet provider. The brochure includes clues for accessing Allison’s private online storage, which contains the same files as the floppy disk. (in case you don't have a floppy disk drive lying around.)