Jesse & I were on “Talking To Ghosts”

As I’ve been spending the last couple weeks re-invigorating this blog with a new host, CMS, and other fun features, I’ve come across things that should have been posted here that never were.

For example, last October my Incredible Doom collaborator Jesse Holden and I were guests on the “Talking to Ghosts” podcast and I never linked it. We talked with hosts Michael Kurt and Wesley Mueller about how we work together to break these stories, the logistics of making print issues, and, of course, the early internet.

Doing podcasts is fun. I hope to do more.

Re-invigorating my blog.

I’m not much of a blogger but I’ve always wanted to be.

The value of keeping a blog for reasons beyond just sharing links to my work has been obvious to me for a while now. Watching folks like Austin Kleon, Andy Baio, John Gruber, Mark Evanier and others post week in and week out, I’ve yearned to organize my thoughts online, create an archive of interesting things, and to figure out ways to be of use to others.

Andy Baio wrote about his experience with blogging years ago:

It’s given me exposure, a place to share my projects and crazy experimentation with technology. It’s created new opportunities for me, directly or indirectly responsible for every major project I’ve gotten involved in. It’s a place to play and experiment with ideas, some of which led to big breakthroughs and passions. And it connected me to people who cared about the things I did, many of whom became lifelong friends.

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Besides the fun of getting to build my corner of the Internet, stone by stone, the world that lives outside the big social networks is an exciting place to be right now.

Like the web comics boom of the early 2000s, the current independent internet is a vast beautiful mess. Things like Mastodon,,, and the Indie Web make me want to be online to see how all this shakes out. The big social giants make me want to curl up and hide.

So, I moved this site from Squarespace to WordPress, filled in the archives a bit, and I plan to post more.

All to clear up my meager plot of land, so I can better watch the fireworks.

This should be fun.

Patrons: update your address

If you are a Patreon supporter of my comic series Incredible Doom update your address, because the slipcase for season one and the patron exclusive Issue # 0, featuring 70 pages of exclusive Incredible Doom comics, are about to go in the mail.

Both Patreon exclusive items have been in the works for years, and I’m proud of how they turned out.

If you’re not a baker and you’d like them, sign up quickly!

Well, I’m back from my trip around America. My girlfriend Ashlee and I wandered for over a month. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some of the most interesting stuff we came across. Right now, I need to get settled back into Portland.

Thank you to everyone who helped me out with my big sale. It went both fantastically and disappointingly. (Some shirts didn’t work out and were discontinued) Many of the shirts will be back up for sale once I’m settled again.

Talk to everyone soon!

I’ve moved into my new apartment here in Portland Or. It’s great. Complete with neat new room to use as my studio and a new cable modem! I’m quite excited.
So I’ve been spending this morning trying to clean up this dilapidated site a bit. The first thing I did was update the links page. I took down some of the broken ones and put up some cool new pages that everyone should check out.

Yes, I’m still here. I’ve been away from the site for several months now and, to be honest, I can’t say when any of the projects that I’m working on for this site will be finished. So I’m not sure when another update will come. However I just finished an illustration that I’m kind of proud of so I thought I’d put it up. It’s a poster for the band “Belindo” and you can look at it by clicking here.\
There will be more comics up here eventually. No kidding.