“The Chairs’ Hiatus” is 1/2 off on ComiXology till the 1st of the year.

I’m excited to say that my graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus is part of the ComiXology Submit Holliday sale going on till the 1st of the year. There are lots of great comics on sale for 1/2 off if you use the code “INDIE” when you checkout. This brings The Chairs’ Hiatus down to $1.50 and includes a DRM free version as well, which is really good.

Please spread the word if you know someone who might like a copy of it. 

Also, did you know I have a mailing list? It’s kinda neat!

Author: Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart is the cartoonist behind the graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus and the ongoing series Incredible Doom.

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