Oh, It’s the End of the World – Part 5 – Page 13






If you happen to be in Portland this weekend and stop by Wizard Worlds Comic Con, say hello because I’ll be there and I love the word “Hello.” 

Some links you might like:

  • I’ve been posting all kinds of stuff to my Patreon page recently, including this page a few days before it showed up here, and a post about my approach to drawing it.
  • Writing Is Thinking” is not only a clear explanation of how to write, but why folks who don’t want to grow up to be writers might want to write anyway. Highly recommended.
  • Bill Murrys AMA was great.
  • I really enjoyed this profile of Jerry Seinfeld by the Guardian. I excerpted some of my favorite parts for you guys.
  • Barry Deutsch wrote a post about why the comic series Cerebus means so much to him and why it’s difficult to recommend all of it to everyone.
  • I backed my first Patreon project, the fantastic Modest Meduissa. Even if you don’t back Jake and his work, check out the comic. You won’t be disappointed.
    That’s all I’ve got for now. See you in a couple days!

Author: Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s the cartoonist behind the graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus and the ongoing series Incredible Doom.

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