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A couple weeks ago I silently created a Patreon page. I could not be more excited about this platform! If you’re not familiar with it watch the video and I’ll explain everything. (yeah, that’s me! The first video I’ve ever post of myself online for you guys.)

By becoming a patron you allow me the freedom to draw more comics for you today, as well as helping me draw them for many more years to come without going crazy.

The Early Bird

$1 per month. You’ll get each page two days earlier than non backers, as well as access to a DRM free ebook of each completed comic two weeks before everyone else has access to it. Backers also get a discount code for %10 off anything in my store as well as access to new printed books before anyone else.

Back me for $1 a month.

Backstage Pass

$3 per month. You’ll get everything listed above in “The Early Bird” as well as behind the scenes peaks into the creation of the comic. Perfect for aspiring artists or folks interested in how the comic creation process works. You’ll see work in progress pages, even see characters and artwork edited out of the finished story. You’ll get invited to a monthly Google + hangout where we can talk while I draw an upcoming page. I can answer your questions about tools, technique, just about anything. Or we can all just hang out and draw comics together!

Back me for $3 a month.

Check Your Mailbox

$5 per month. You get everything above, and an original sketch of the character of your choice, limited edition The Chairs’ Hiatus stickers, and a copy of my super mini comic Quarters Just Fell Out A Hole in My Pocket. Normally you can only get that comic by meeting me at a convention.

Back me for $5 a month.


$10 per month. You get everything listed above as well as a hard copy of The Chairs’ Hiatus mailed to your door!* I’ll sign it and draw the character of your choice in it. If you’re keeping track thats TWO sketches you’ll receive, including the one from the previous reward. Also, you’ll get 25% off anything you buy from my store for the length of your donation. US only. If you’re outside the US please add $4 for shipping.

Back me for $10 a month! AWESOME!

Thanks everyone for reading, if you decide to support these comics or not.

Author: Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s the cartoonist behind the graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus and the ongoing series Incredible Doom.

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