Oh, It’s the End of the World – Update – The end of part 4

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“Oh, It’s the End of the World” Part 4

Well that’s it for the fourth installment of “Oh, It’s the End of the World”!

Every time I finish a major installment of the story I package it up in PDF, CBZ, and iBooks form and offer it as a “pay what you want” download. They look awesome on a tablet and are a great way to read the story in larger chunks, rather than two or three pages a week. It’s really the best, and you should have a complete set. You can pitch in a couple bucks or just take them If you’re broke.

By the way, thank you so much to the folks who pitch in. I moved to a cheeper apartment this month in order to try and make a go at doing creative stuff for a living. Anything you decide to pay will go straight to my moving expenses.

Also, if you just want to read these downloadable editions you can subscribe to my mailing list. I send out an email when there are new downloads available.

Author: Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart is the cartoonist behind the graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus and the ongoing series Incredible Doom.

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