The end of the tunnel and the train.

This Monday, October 8th I’m going to be launching my brand new long form comic series “Oh, It’s the End of the World” so I decided to get the place straightened up a bit before the new houseguest arrives.

The Chairs’ Hiatus Face Lift

Along with the new design comes a new retina display ready version of  The Chairs’ Hiatus.  Just visit the story on your iPad, iOS device, or retina Macbook Pro and you’ll see the upgraded story.

I’m so excited for the new launch! Just a few days to go. I’ve got so much to do. Make sure to subscribe to the blog or follow me on on a social network to know the moment the launch happens.

Author: Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart is the cartoonist behind the graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus and the ongoing series Incredible Doom.

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