This store is set up so you can "pay what you want" for my digital comics. I believe it's each one of our responsibility to support the artists we enjoy. No pressure, if you're broke, it's yours. Don't worry about it. If you love it, please stop by some other time and pitch in what you can. If you're rich you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped get neat stuff to folks that needed it.

The important thing is that everyone is able to have a copy regardless if they have extra cash right now or not.  

Regardless what you choose to do, please, share! Tweet links, email copies to friends, talk about it on facebook! Good stuff needs to spread! 

Thanks everybody. You are all awesome. I'm forever grateful that I get to make this stuff for you. 



Oh, It's the End of the World

Oh, It's the End of the World - gumroad cover.png

This is an ongoing story. New parts are posted every few months.

Feel free to take one or all of the different versions and just pay once.  

Part 1

Part 2  

Part 3

Part 4



The Chairs' Hiatus

The Chairs' Hiatus square cover.png

The both downloadable versions include a backup story not available on the website called "Jon."

Think of it like a easter egg, a little bit of extra story after the credits. My way of thanking you for helping me out.

The Chairs' Hiatus is also available from the great digital comics store ComiXology. Unfortunately they don't allow customers to "pay what you want."